White Oak Alabama

White Oak Alabama

Nominated by: Elaine R. Akers The tree I am nominating has existed as long as anyone in my family can remember.  It is on property that was originally owned by my great-great grandmother’s family.  It was originally named Roger’s Cemetery (Now named Haig/Rogers Cemetery) and existed as a family cemetery during the age of slavery.  In fact I have been told that one of the first burials was a slave.  It is on what was originally a large portion of land and the original home place was located a short distance away.  The setting was picked so that Granny could look over and see the grave of her loved ones. This area has always been referred to as “The Old Place” by my family.  My cousins and I often rode our bikes down this dirt road to visit the cemetery just to play and have an outing.  During those years we could wander at will with no fear.  We often sat under this tree to cool and rest from what we thought was a long bicycle ride or walk.  Sometimes we even sat on some of the graves there that are built above ground. For many years on “Decoration Day” tables were set up for family to have “dinner on the ground” under the big white oak.   My husband and I have even carried our bible class of youngsters there on Wednesday night during the long days of summer.    The white oak has been struck by lighting twice and survived.  Auburn University was consulted on one occasion to give advice on how to save it. We have recently had a tree surgeon out to trim out the dead portions and take some weight off one side.   This tree means so much to all of my extended family that it is frequently said “I hope I die before the tree does.”  It is located in such a special idyllic/peaceful place.  This comment has been made to me by numerous people who are not connected to the cemetery as I am.  It is located on a little hill and is surrounded by pasture and fields.  We often see wildlife as we drive slowly down the road.  Even my dog loves this place as she often goes with me to do some cleanup work there.  I think this tree is so special to many because it represents, in some way, our pride in family. This includes the blessings throughout the years by the mere unification that exists in a community of family, friends, and church friends. Type:  White Oak Diameter:  15 ft. 7 inches Height:  No way for us to obtain this Location:  no address.  Located off Morris Majestic Road at the end of Haig/Rogers Cemetery Road, Road is located 5 houses northwest from my address, 1867 N 33 degrees, 44.811’ W 086 degrees, 46.414’, Elev. 460 ft Nearest  address 8302 Haig Rogers Cemetery Rd.   SUBMITTED BY: Elaine R. Akers 1867 Morris Majestic Road Morris, AL 35116 205-647-5250, erakers@bellsouth.net

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