NASCAR Green Race Campaign

Each weekend between February and November, race cars speed around the track towards the green flag. With the creation of the NASCAR Green Race Campaign, this organization has also demonstrated its drive to environmental sustainability. Since 2008, NASCAR has partnered with over 15 stakeholders (the largest being the Arbor Day Foundation) who prioritize sustainability above all. The goal of this campaign is to reduce and offset environmental impacts that can not be avoided. A few examples of these strides include the use of blended biofuel, in-venue recycling efforts, solar-powered light fixtures, etc. Since the creation of this program, over 400,000 trees have been planted across the country. A major focus on areas affected by natural disasters.
On November 3rd, this campaign distributed 500 new trees to homeowners in Houston who were affected by Hurricane Harvey. Hurricane Harvey was a Category 4 storm that hit the coast of Texas 3 times. When this storm was at its peak, 1/3 of Houston was completely underwater. “The people of Texas have suffered great personal and physical loss,” said Dan Lambe, Arbor Day Foundation President. “By replanting, we strive to bring healing and hope to the people and the communities in which they live as well as help return the beauty and the value trees bring back to their properties.”
Learn more about the amazing accomplishments of the campaign here.

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