Mission Champion Chestnut

Mission Champion Chestnut

“Blight-free Michigan Champion Asian Chestnut in Old Mission Peninsula, Michigan. Some of the last of its kind in the nation due to a fungus imported from Asia. The first major branch is about 5′ above the ground and has a circumference of 64″ (163 cm). The circumference of the tree at breast height was measured on July 27, 1995 with John Spencer of Traverse City at 208″ (528 cm) [diameter = 66″ (168 cm)]. The crown spread was measured at 80′ (24 m), substantially less than the 106′ (32 m) previously recorded by John Thompson. The height was measured at 64′ (20 m), again substantially less than the 110′ (34 m).” Submitted by: Lamont Dorsey

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