Nominated by; Jack London State Historic Park We are nominating “Jack’s Oak,” the Oak Tree estimated to be over 400 years old which stands outside the Cottage that Jack London called home at his “Beauty Ranch” which is now Jack London State Historic Park. In fact, you used a photo of this iconic tree when you posted on this Facebook page about this contest on June 2. This is a Coast Live Oak, estimated to be 5 feet DBH (Diameter at Breast Height) and 60 feet tall. The tree is in Beauty Ranch section of Jack London State Historic Park, 2400 London Ranch Road in Glen Ellen, California. Although this tree certainly is important to and beloved by the local community, it is also internationally renowned, given Jack London’s significance as an author and adventurer. There are iconic photos of Jack writing under this tree and he speaks of it as inspiration in many of his writings. It can be seen from the window of his office–many people make a pilgrimage to that spot to gaze and this tree as Jack did, and then come outside to behold its majesty and “feel its inspiration.” “Jack’s Oak” is a key part of the historical and cultural legacy that hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world come to see when they visit the Park. When we recently thought the tree would have to come down–it doesn’t–it has been saved through further testing and new methods to take care of it–we collected acorns from the tree, planted them and now are nurturing 18 strong seedlings from this tree, so the life of this tree will continue through those replantings. But nothing can replace THIS tree, which is one that has international recognition, and deep love from the community. We hope you agree and will confirm its inclusion as a nominee.

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