Spring is sprung and out come the chainsaws!

  • Spring is sprung and out come the chainsaws!

  • Nancy Stairs

    April 13, 2012 at 8:15 pm

    A beautiful spring with the colorful flowers from plants, shrubs and trees is the time for getting out and tidying up yards and gardens.  We also notice some “pruning” that tells us that the chainsaws are out in force.

    Pruning trees is a skill that requires an understanding of how trees grow and how they respond to dramatic branch removal.  Pruning trees and pruning shrubs are not the same thing.  Much has been written about topping trees and why is should not be done (and most of that information is available on the internet) – but people still top their trees.


    Why do people top trees? 

    Some say that they don’t want their trees to grow too tall -this is often a case where the worong tree has been planted on a site, where a smaller maturing tree would have been more appropriate.

    Some say that they are afriad their tree will fall over and, where we have the chance of hurricannes and tornados, bow over.  Trees do not tend to get tall and then fall over, so topping solves a problem that does not actually exist.  And, yes, while trees can fail under high wind conditions, properly pruned trees are less likely to fail.

    Some think that because they see topped trees that must be correct tree maintenance, much like piling mulch in little volanoes at the tree base (a topic for another day).


    Pruning and maintaining trees is part of a tree owner’s responsibility, but understanding what pruning does and what proper pruning looks like is the fist step, long before the chainsaw comes out.


    Well cared for trees can add beauty and character as well as environmental benefits for many years when properly cared for.  Let’s not let careless treatment destroy that.  There are many excellent resources about pruning and topping trees. 






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