Clark County Tree Inventory Gets a Good Start

  • Clark County Tree Inventory Gets a Good Start

     Laura Eisenberg updated 8 years, 3 months ago 1 Member · 1 Post
  • Laura Eisenberg

    August 6, 2012 at 7:47 pm

    Clark County has been a hotbed of growth over the last twenty years. Along with that growth came parks, streets, community centers, schools and other public venues all needing trees. Trees went in, trees came out, and the Urban Forest changed drastically.

    Managing this population of old and new trees is challenging. Our low desert does not naturally support trees. They are totally dependent on our managment skills.

    Urban Forester Coordinator, Susan Stead, initiated important steps towards good managment. She invited Clark County Communities to participate in a tree inventory that would gather information on species compositon, condition of trees, population numbers, locations, sizes, ages and other data that would help support managment strategies.

    With a grant from USFS, that tree inventory began in Boulder City this summer, 2012, and is projected to conclude by spring 2013.

    Davey Resource Group is performing the Inventory.  Davey is one of North America’s largest commercial landscape management companies and has over a century of experience in UF.  Davey has accomplished numerous municipal inventories throughout the country, including those comparable in both size and climate to Clark County.  

    Davey visits tree locations and compiles a database of attributes for each tree, including: gps location, species, DBH (diameter at breast height), condition, zone, and maintenance needs.  This database is tailored to each entity’s needs and allows staff to more effectively manage their UF.

    Once the physical inventories are completed, the inventory data will be entered into iTree Streets, a street tree analysis tool for UF managers, to determine the “return on investment” that shade trees in southern Nevada provide.   iTree will use the inventory data to generate dollar values for annual environmental and aesthetic benefits including energy conservation, air quality improvement, CO2 reduction, stormwater control, and property value increase.

    This information will be distributed through a Web site available to the public.   In addition to data and reports, each entity/municipality will get PR templates, including a powerpoint slide show and a pre-made public service announcement.  A final presentation to entities and their invitees will share results and analysis.  This information will also be shared with other states to showcase the value that trees add to the economy and quality of life in Clark County. 

    The Tree Inventory will help prioritize maintenance schedules and reduce the potential liability form hazadous trees. It provides the basis for  a comprehensive community forest management plan and facilitates long-term budget planning. It educates the public about the benefits of a healthy community forest and infoms them about species best suited to the community.

    Clark County’s Urban Forest will be on firmer ground thanks to the clear long-term planning by the Nevada Division of Forestry, Urban Forestry program.


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