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  • Pamela C Louks

    January 10, 2012 at 9:07 pm


    Trees are never far from my thoughts.  They root me to reality.


    Have you planted a tree lately?   What plans do you have for planting on Arbor Day, the last Friday in April in Indiana?


    My tree caring came from my Dad.  He loved the big old Elms in our backyard–until Dutch Elm Disease took them out.  But, we planted more, and, now I have my own yard with many, many, many trees.  This year, I FINALLY had success with a Sassafras transplanted tree.  I THINK it is now going to make it.  The Sassafras tree is one of my favorites.  I love the color mix of leaves and the different shaped leaves with one like a mitten.  It is almost like it can’ t just make up it’s mind what type of beauty it wants to bestow.  So, it just does it all, varied leaves and bold, varied color on those leaves.  And, the scent.  There is no other like it to instill wonder upon a child walking in the woods when someone shows them a Sassafras twig and scrapes it to release the fragrance.   Then, tell the story of: “When I was a kid, we collected the roots and brewed a pot of  Sassafras tea.” 


    I like Advice from A Tree, by Ilan Shamir.

    “Stand tall and proud,

    Sink your roots into the earth,

    Be content with your natural beauty,

    Go out on a limb,

    Drink plenty of water,

    Remember your roots.”



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