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Are you interested in planting trees in your neighborhood, better understanding how trees grow and thrive, or determining which species of tree grows best near you? We’ve compiled research, knowledge, and tips here so we can all work towards greener, healthier communities.

Trees and Spirituality

Modern science tells us that everything in the universe is simply energy. Photosynthetic organisms are the only beings capable of converting and disseminating solar energy.…

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The Science of Dormant Trees

Source: Dormancy of Trees in Winter by Thomas O. Perry National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Florida State University Dormancy of trees involves many complex layers…

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Time For Trees #TeamTrees

From the Arbor Day Foundation: One of the more recent efforts towards our Time for Trees goals is a collaboration called #TeamTrees which was established…

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S is for Survivor

Survivor trees are locally revered as symbols of hope. These trees support communities’ recovery by embodying hope and strength. The Callery pear in New York…

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