American Grove brings people together to share stories, swap ideas, and learn more about the trees that enrich our lives, from urban canopies to wild forests.

Our mission is to celebrate trees and share our planting experience and knowledge in order to encourage others to create thriving community forests.

About Us & Our History

The American Grove (www.americangrove.org) was established in 2011 as the nation’s first online networking platform for urban forestry and trees. Its roots are in Georgia as it was first developed by the Georgia Forestry Commission (GFC) and the Georgia Tree Council (GTC) as the “Georgia Grove” in 2009. The American Grove is research-based. After statewide focus groups and surveys, researchers found that the idea that resonated the most with citizens was that by planting and maintaining trees, they are “creating a legacy” and leaving the world greener for future generations. That’s what we hope to do here!

The American Grove helps:

  • Build awareness about the social, economic and environmental benefits of trees and healthy community forests.
  • Activate people to plant trees on their property or in their communities to build stronger relations among family members and neighbors.
  • Promote actions that lead to the sustainability of healthy community trees and forests.

The American Grove includes participation from 50 states and territories, plus blogging, and the capability to post photos and videos and much more…

The site is supported by a part time administrator who fields customer service requests, produces content, promotes content with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, and performs basic site maintenance.

The US Forest Service Southern Region provides funding to Georgia Forestry Commission to oversee the administration of The American Grove with the Georgia Tree Council.

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Join The American Grove to Create Your Legacy. Find resources and network with others to leave the world greener for future generations. Enjoy your life, tell your tree story, and leave a positive mark on the world, a legacy, for children and grandchildren to enjoy. Connect with trees online and in your community and make a difference.



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American Grove is an online community for sharing knowledge, experience, and insights about the trees and forests that enrich our cities, towns, and neighborhoods nationwide.

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