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  • Sep 4, 2018 from 11:00am to 2:00pm
  • Location: Duntemann Urban Forestry, LLC
  • Latest Activity: Jul 30, 2018

Is your tree risk management program reasonable, practical, and defensible? This comprehensive three-module tree risk management course provides the foundation for developing strategies to manage trees that can be employed by individual arborists, arboriculture companies and public-sector agencies of all sizes.

This online seminar on the topic of managing tree risk is presented in three, 1 1/2-hour modules over consecutive Tuesdays in September. Each module covers a critical element of a comprehensive tree risk management program: Risk Management Concepts, Risk Analysis and Risk Mitigation, Review and Documentation. Each module will be presented in four time slots on the day scheduled to accommodate a broad regional and international participation. The seminar is designed for any arborist, consultant, tree-care company owner or public agency employee who manage systems of trees. While tree risk assessments have been a topic covered in detail within the greater arboricultural profession, risk management has not. This disparity has resulted in a poor understanding of risk, which may result in choices that increase liability exposures and misrepresent risk. The purpose of this seminar is to address the risk assessment versus risk management distinction and provide guidance on formulating and implementing reasonable, thoughtful and defensible risk management policies.

Module 1 – September 4th – Risk Management Concepts Module 1 provides the framework for managing risk within an arboriculture and urban forestry context. The opening topic will be an overview of the recently updated International Organization on Standardization’s (ISO) 31000 (2018) – Risk Management: Guidelines and the ISO’s 31010 (2018) Risk Analysis documents. With this framework in mind, the discussion will segue to the unique role that tree risk assessments play within larger risk management concepts and common logical fallacies in tree-related litigation that undermine risk management concepts. The final topic of this module will present a structure for managing tree risk using an adaptation of the “As Low as Reasonably Practical” model.

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