Our 5th annual Great American Tree compeition received 25 nominations! We have tallied over 6,000 votes on outstanding trees that each uniquely represent our nation's beautiful and diverse canopy. Our top 3 trees with the most member votes are (in no particular order): Quamal the douglas fir, Rosa the ponderosa pine, and the cottonwood trees.

These trees will be ranked by our all-star urban forestry panel. Our winner will be annouced on July 4th!

Top Three Member Voted Trees

Fall in Nashville

FALLing in love with the foliage in Nashville, TN as the leaves change. This tree reminds me of some many fall memories. I walk through this Tennessee park with a warm beverage from a local coffee shop. When I look at this picture I think of a wonderful weekend spent with friends. I am not in the forestry field so unfortunately, I was unable to identify the species of this tree. I believe this is some type of red oak tree nestled next to a maple.

Approximate height: 30 ft.

Submitted by Amanda Schmidt


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Winner announced on July 4th!