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Through the Washington Grove we share urban forestry educational resources, upcoming events and all of your photos, videos, discussions and questions. You can also create your own profile, photo “groves” of trees you have planted to commemorate special events, and communicate with your fellow tree enthusiasts here in Washington and across the country.

Below is a listing of research, instructions, and publications about Urban and Community Forestry.  If there is a resource you would like added, please post a comment below:

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Urban and Community Forestry

The mission of the Washington State Urban and Community Forestry Council is to provide leadership to create a self-sustaining urban and community forestry program that preserves, plants, and manages forests and trees for public benefits and quality of life. The program does this by teaching citizens and decision-makers about the economic, environmental, psychological, and aesthetic benefits of trees. The program also helps local governments, citizen groups, and volunteers plant and sustain healthy trees and vegetation throughout Washington. The council was established under RCW 76.15 to advise the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) in carrying out the Washington State Urban and Community Forestry Program.