Growing Works of Art Contest

Growing Works of Art Contest

A contest for Vermont Students, Grades 1 - 8

Celebrate Vermont Town Forests

Submission Deadline, March 20, 2015

Arbor Day is a day to plant, nurture and appreciate trees and the difference they make in our lives. To help us spread the word about Arbor Day, we are inviting students to actively participate in the celebration by…

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2015 SOUL Tree Stewards Program

Registration is now open for the spring 2015 SOUL Tree Stewards Program. The program will be held in Middlebury this March and April and trains Vermont citizens to be stewards and advocates for healthy urban trees and community forests. More information at the link below. Please spread the word! …

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i-Tree STREETS Online Workshop, Nov 16th

Looking at i-Tree STREETS: An online workshopWednesday, November 16, 20161:00 PM (Eastern)Please join the i-Tree Development Team for a look at i-Tree STREETS tools via this one-hour online workshop session.This is part of the ongoing comprehensive web-based instructional series that is introducing the latest tools in the i-Tree software suite, as well as bringing users up to date on the improvements that have been made to the i-Tree collection of inventory, analysis and reporting tools for…

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Shade and salt tolerant species for Zone

Shade and salt tolerant species for Zone 4 Posted by John Snell on January 23, 2013 at 8:09pm Send Message   View Discussions Not that I want everything! Thoughts on a tree that can do well on the shady side of a street with lots of salt applied to the sidewalks on Central Vermont?  Any actual experiences (vs. charts showing attributes) would be appreciated.

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Vermont’s 2012 Tree Stewards are Announced

Tree champions are honored for supporting their community’s rootsSecretary of the Agency of Natural Resources, Deb Markowitz, and the Vermont Urban and Community Forestry Council (Council) recognized the recipients of this year’s Vermont Tree Stewards Awards. Each year the Council sponsors the awards as a way to recognize Vermont’s community tree champions. “These awards help us say thank you for the great work volunteers are doing to promote trees in our communities,” says Lee Krohn, Chair of…

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New Monthly Feature: Guess the Bud

With the exception of a few oak and beech trees- it's twig season out there!To celebrate, we will be running a new feature on Vermont Grove this twig season called Guess the Bud.Each month we will be posting a picture of a tree bud- the first one to correctly guess the species wins! To kick it off- here is November's bud: This tree is native to Vermont and gives us a lot to be thankful for.  The bud is sharply pointed and conical- reminding some of an old fashion sugar ice cream cone. Can you…

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  • Last year, the National Urban and Community Forestry Advisory Council (Council) polled attendees at the Partners in Community Forestry Conference in Pittsburgh and learned that you'd like to have more input into Council activities. We listened to your feedback and have worked diligently this year to gather additional input from our Urban and Community Forestry (UCF) constituencies throughout the country. As we prepare to finalize the 2016 UCF Challenge Cost Share Grant Program, please take the time to complete this brief survey and help inform the categories for our next grant cycle!

    Please feel free to forward this link to anyone that you think might be interested in participating.
  • Looking Good Vermont!

    The following state groups are the most visited for 2012 year to date (pageviews):

    1. Iowa (1,331)
    2. Vermont (891)
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  • Check out the tree selection tool on Northern Trees to help you select a site appropriate species. 


  • Join Branch Out Burlington! this Saturday, June 9th from 10 -12 for a Fantastic Tree Walk at Ethan Allen Homestead with Warren Spinner, City Arborist. Free.

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  • Any thoughts for shade- and salt-tolerant trees for a spot on State Street in Montpelier that gets very little sun?

  • Kate - Danielle, just joined and can't wait for the scenery to look like the picture above here in Winhall.  The grove is full of snow for the next couple of weeks anyway, here in Winhall.  Stay well, Best Dennis

  • The USDA Forest Service is working on a project to identify surviving American elms to test for tolerance to Dutch elm disease (DED). They are working to increase the genetic base of DED tolerant trees and the 1st step in this process is to identify possible survivor trees. They are looking for American elm trees at least 24" DBH in areas that have had DED and that have not been treated with fungicides. We are asking foresters and others involved in American elm work to watch for these elm trees, and if they see one, to please enter its GPS location and DBH on our website:

    They will compile the elms in a database, prioritize them for sampling, collect a few small branches, graft them at our lab, and test them for DED-tolerance.  

  • Kate:Thanks I've been grooving in the Grove this afternoon
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