Below is a listing of research, instructions, and publications about Urban and Community Forestry.  If there is a resource you would like added, please post a comment below.


Benefits of Trees

Community Benefits From Public Trees In Iowa - Trees and forests make Iowa communities stronger. If properly cared for, trees provide a wide variety of benefits to people, communities, and the economy. An investment in our trees is an investment in our future.

Healthy Trees, Healthy Iowans - This publication outlines the health benefits trees provide.

 Trees in Social Science  Compiled by Dr. Kathleen Wolf, the site includes research on trees and local economics, crime, wellness, healing, street safety, life cycles and land uses

Benefits of Trees and Urban Forests Published by Alliance For Community Trees

This resource list compiled by Alliance for Community Trees (ACTrees) gathers the
many scientifically proven benefits of urban forests into a single document for tree
advocates to use. These facts come directly from primary research conducted by
professional scientists, with all citations noted.

Northeast Community Tree Guide -USDA Publication - Benefits, Costs, and Strategic Planting

Green Streets - Alliance For Community Trees Fact Sheet

Greening Our Way to Water Security - Alliance For Community Trees Fact Sheet

Energy Conservation Through Trees - Alliance For Community Trees Fact Sheet

Healthy Parks Safer Communities - ACT Fact Sheet

Neighborhood Stabilization and Revitalization - ACT Fact Sheet

22 Benefits of Urban trees


Environmental Education

Project Learning Tree -Project Learning Tree is an award-winning environmental education program designed for teachers and other educators, parents, and community leaders working with youth from preschool through grade 12.

Nature Explore - Arbor Day Foundation site


Nature Rocks This site will help you find all sorts of nature activities designed for families, plus tools to help guide and plan your adventures.


discovertheforests - Us Forest Service and Ad Council site


Check Your Yard For Fugitives - Invasive Species Publication by Iowa DNR District Forester, Lindsey Barney


Landscape Tree Planting and Care Research, Instructions, and Articles

The Well Planted Tree by Gary Johnson, MN Extension

Community Tree Planting and Care Guide Published by ISU Extension

Tree Owners Manual - US Forest Service

Proper Tree Planting Techniques for Container Grown Trees ISU Extension Publication

Young Landscape Tree Maintenance

Midwest Tree Guide

Transplant Shock...Making the Case for Smaller Tree - Iowa Urban and Community Forest Advisory Council

Managing Storm Damaged Trees ISU Extension Publication

Topping - Tree Care, or Tree Abuse ISU Extension Publication

The Only Thing Tree Topping Reduces is Your Property Values -Great Brochure from Missouri Community Forestry Council

IowaOneCall - Call 48 hours before you plant a tree or do landscaping

 Northeast Community Tree Guide -USDA Publication - Benefits, Costs, and Strategic Planting

 Stem Girdling Roots - The Underground Epidemic Killing Our Trees, Gary Johnson & Dennis Fallon

Plant Trees Right - University of Georgia Extension Publication

How To Kill A Tree - Virginia Dept of Forestry Poster

Tree Planting Fundamentals - Journal of Aboriculture


Mulch Research, Instructions, and Articles

Using Mulches in Managed Landscapes ISU Extension Publication

Proper Mulching Techniques ISA Publication

Comparison of Landscape Mulches This study compared chemical, allelopathic,

and decomposition properties of 6 mulches: cypress, eucalyptus, pine bark, pine needle, melaleuca, and a utility trimming mulch (GRU). 

Planning For Urban and Community Forestry

 Planning the Urban ForestEcology, Economy, and Community Development

 - Forest Service and American Planning Association Publication.  

A Technical Guide to Urban and Community Forestry - US Forest Service Urban and Community Forestry Webpage

Northeast Community Tree Guide -USDA Publication - Benefits, Costs, and Strategic Planting



Pruning Research, Instruction, and Articles

Pruning Trees and Shrubs  ISU Extension Publication

Pruning Young Trees ISA Publication

Pruning Mature Trees ISA Publication

US Forest Service - How to Prune Trees


Tree Staking Research, Instruction & Articles

Trunk Development of Young Trees - Richard Harris Research which shows staking landscape trees reduces root mass, caliper, and taper of young trees.Also Shows the negative impact of side pruning and heading of landscape trees on caliper and root mass.

Tree Stabilization ISA publication

What's at Stake - American Nurseryman

To Stake or not to Stake - ISU Extension Webpage

Staking and Guying Trees: Best Materials and Techniques - Webpage by University of Minnesota


Tree Health - Insect and Disease Problems

EAB Door Hanger Info Document

Relative Susceptibility of Woody Plants to Japanese Beetle by David W. Held, Journal of Arboriculture


Pine Wilt ISU Extension Publication

Iowa Tree Pests Iowa Dept. of Ag-Entomology webpage


SD Parks - Mower Blight from Vision Video Interactive on Vimeo.

SD Parks - Mower Blight from Vision Video Interactive on Vimeo.

QUICKLOOK: The Emerald Ash Borer from Jesse Byerly on Vimeo.


Tree Identification

Crabapple Chart

Becoming Tree Detectives  ISU Extension Publication

Identification of Hardwood Trees In Iowa ISU Extension Publication

Identification of Conifer Trees in Iowa ISU Extension Publication

What Tree Is That? Arbor Day Foundation Tree Identification tool
USDA Plant Fact Sheets 
This link takes you to the USDA Plant Fact Sheet site which lists 957 native trees, shrubs, and plants.  

Tree Selection

Trees that thrive in Clay soils University of MN Extension 

Nursery Selection Archived WEbinar from  Alliance for Community Trees - Species Selection; Nursery Selection

Relative Susceptibility of Woody Plants to Japanese Beetle by David W. Held, Journal of Arboriculture
Ice Storm resistant trees US Forest Service Publication

Buying Quality Trees ISA Publication

The Vascular Plants of Iowa - This resource lists native and naturalized ranges for Iowa

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