Homestead Oak

The Homestead Oak stands in Hall County, Georgia on the site of a farm house that was constructed just after the end of the Civil War. Its majestic shape and size made it a community gathering place when Hall County was a farming community. Families were raised in the house, and children played under the broad shade of the tree. Political and business agreements were made under the Homestead Oak during a simpler time when a handshake was enough to finalize a deal. The community women gathered in the shade of the tree to string beans or peel apples for jelly. The farm house burned in the early 1990s, but fortunately the tree survived. The farm was eventually developed into a subdivison in the early 2000s. Because of the historical value of the tree and its lovely shape and size, the developer agreed to preserve the tree for future generations. Based on recent measurements by the Georgia Forestry Commission, this White Oak has a circumference of 215, a height of 100 feet, and an average crown spread of 127, with its total score being 346. It is located in Hall County, Georgia at 3531 Mountain View Road.

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