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"Treehugger" gives a thumbs up to disc golf

Hi all! 
I DO hope that this post proves helpful to those of you looking for new recreational avenues at your parks, camps or preserves.

This post is less about trees than how certain recreational pursuits interact WITH the trees. 

Here is a link to a "Treehugger" endorsement for disc golf, as opposed to standard "ball" golf. 

Disc golf is low impact, both ecologically and economically. An accomplished course designer does not clear-cut wide swaths of trees to design fairways, but rather looks to the mature trees to define the best 'natural' fairways.
My company has been involved with the design and/or installation of 40 disc golf courses around Florida, Michigan and Italy. So, far we've installed NINE where we didn't have to cut a SINGLE-LIVING-TREE !!  This is NOT standard practice. But it IS very doable! 

On WCDGD's most recent project (65th Infantry Veteran's park), we PLANTED 85 new Live oaks, red maples, sweet gums, cedars and magnolias. On our next project, (Picnic Island-phase 2) we've placed well over 100 new oaks, pines, red cedars, orange geigers, flamboyants and sea grapes! 

Disc golf is a great way to develop an area without actually developing it. Many of our fairways are little more than glorified nature trails. 

If you are considering looking at disc golf for a park, camp or other natural area, please consider the best course designer you can afford. You'll be glad you went the extra mile at the outset.  A well-implemented disc golf course can put 'heads-in-beds', 'dollars-in-diners' and 'gasoline-in-their-driving-machines' as well as generate revenue at your park through gate entry, camping and disc sales, etc. 

Hope to see you at the next F.R.P.A convention !

Gregg Hosfeld

3x Professional Disc Golf Association World Champion
6x Florida Disc Golf Champion
Disc Golf Hall Of Fame inductee-(Class of 1998)
Florida's only Senior Course Designer
Owner-World Champion Disc Golf Design
3 Courses in Florida's top 4 (Including the #1 & 2 Public courses in Florida) out of over 100

"if you build it, they will come.  If WE build it, they will come BACK"

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