Happy Colorado Arbor Day!

Colorado's Arbor Day is fast approaching! The third Friday each April is set aside to plant, care for and educate about the importance of trees in our world. Click Here for the CSFS media release.

Happy Colorado Arbor Day!

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The Colorado State Forest Service estimated that the mountain pine-beetle killed about 800 million trees. McNertney, a state forester, said: “These dead trees have provided a large supply of available timber that these local mills utilized to sustain their industry that typically would have come from green, or live, trees until this epidemic came through.” The CSFS estimates that a third of Colorado’s roughly 100 sawmills use beetle-killed trees for wood…

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  • Hi Everyone,
    I submitted a photo to the Great American Tree's photo contest. It is of a grove of cottonwoods here in Grand Junction at Connected Lakes State Park in all their fall glory. If you like it, vote for a Colorado tree to move to the next round of voting!
    Thank you,
    Kamie Long
    CSFS, Grand Jct
  • Growing the Greenbelt Education and Ecological Health Project
    IES Releases Growing the Greenbelt Education and Ecological Health Project Video

    WHEAT RIDGE, Colorado (March 14, 2016) – Local environmental non-profit, The Institute for Environmental Solutions (IES), announced today the release of a new video chronicling its recent urban reforestation project in Wheat Ridge. The IES Growing the Greenbelt Education and Ecological Health project has improved the Wheat Ridge Greenbelt by combining classroom workshops, scientific planning, and student and volunteer planting days to restore this vital community resource.

    The project consisted of two in-class workshops and two plantings days to give Wheat Ridge High School’s Career Exploration students a chance to explore careers in science and learn about the ecology of the Greenbelt. The program concluded with a volunteer planting day; thirty Wheat Ridge community members including young children, Girl Scouts, and veteran Tree Stewards participated. The project resulted in over 150 native trees, shrubs, and grasses being planted in the Greenbelt.

    The project video is on IES’s YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6liNNF6E8I) and website (www.i4es.org), and will be shown on Wheat Ridge Public Access Channel 8. The video shows the replanting of vital areas in the Wheat Ridge Greenbelt and hands-on classroom science workshop activities.

    Jesse Johnson, local videographer, produced the video. The IES Wheat Ridge Growing the Greenbelt Education and Ecological Health project continues IES’s collaborative work with the City of Wheat Ridge Parks and Recreation Department, using effective science-based strategies to improve the local environment. The project was funded by the Colorado Tree Coalition, with support from Wheat Ridge City Council members.

    About IES: The Institute for Environmental Solutions is an independent non-profit organization that engages stakeholders to deliver technically sound solutions to complex environmental and health problems-without unwanted side effects. The Tree Project’s mission is to improve the environmental quality, community health, and local economies of Colorado cities using tree science.
  • Last year, the National Urban and Community Forestry Advisory Council (Council) polled attendees at the Partners in Community Forestry Conference in Pittsburgh and learned that you'd like to have more input into Council activities. We listened to your feedback and have worked diligently this year to gather additional input from our Urban and Community Forestry (UCF) constituencies throughout the country. As we prepare to finalize the 2016 UCF Challenge Cost Share Grant Program, please take the time to complete this brief survey and help inform the categories for our next grant cycle! https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/NUCFACpoll2014

    Please feel free to forward this link to anyone that you think might be interested in participating.
  • This has to be my favorite Ice bucket challenge I've seen so far! I'm glad the EAB was drowned and that his neck was not broken...

  • The Colorado Tree Coalition responded to the ice-bucket challenge it received from Fort Collins Wholesale Nursery and made some challenges of their own...and even drowned and EAB in the process!

    Check it out on You Tube

  • Saw this on National Association of State Foresters.

    Friday, August 15, 2014
    Scientists and biologists across Idaho and other Western states fear the aspen tree may someday vanish.
    Over the past 100 years, the number of aspen trees across Eastern Idaho has declined by an estimated 60 percent, according to the Eastern Idaho Aspen Working Group (EIAWG).
    Similarly, Arizona has lost 90 percent of its aspen population over the past century. Since 2007, Colorado lost about 13 percent of its aspens, which the U.S. Forest Service says was due to excessive drought.
    Researchers are referring to the widespread dieback as sudden aspen decline and believe droughts with exceptionally hot springs and summers are the cause.
    But there is hope.
    “We’ve had several successful aspen restoration projects,” said Robbert Mickelsen, ecosystem branch chief with Caribou-Targhee National Forest. “We have a number of tools that we can provide landowners and other groups to assist with aspen stand restoration.”
    These tools include rotational grazing systems, so livestock is moved once allowable grazing limits have been met. In areas where there are young aspen trees, fences have been built to protect them from hungry and trampling cattle.

  • The Institute for Environmental Solutions is looking for a few GREAT volunteers to advance the IES Tree Project in 2013-2014!  We have a wide range of flexible opportunities:  Graduate Interns, Tree Project Steering Committee, and IES Board of Directors.  If you're interested in helping to advance the IES mission: engage stakeholders to deliver technically sound solutions to complex environmental and health problems -- without unwanted side effects - please email your interest to Solutions@i4es.org.


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  • Revive the Greenbelt!  Help revive and preserve the Wheat Ridge Greenbelt!  The Institute for Environmental Solutions invites volunteers to help plant 180 trees and shrubs in the Wheat Ridge Greenbelt on Saturday morning, April 27, 9 am to 1 pm.  Advance registration is required.  Interested volunteers:  please provide your name, email, telephone, and t-shirt size by April 15.  Families are welcome.  Tree planting will take place in the Wheat Ridge Greenbelt just south of Prospect Park at West 44th Avenue and Robb Street.  More information:  Michael Haney, mhaney@i4es.org, or Carol Lyons, carol@i4es.org.

  • Thanks for the support Elk Mountain Brewing!

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