The US Endowment is dedicated to preserving natural forests and improving the everyday lives and health of forest-rich rural communities. "Our goal is to make future development more sustainable" proclaims Carlton Owen, the CEO and President of US Endowment for Forestry and Communities. A giant step to create sustainable development is to utilize sustainable building material. Researchers from around the world have begun experimenting with environmentally friendly building material. The most recent laboratory breakthrough is the implementation of cellulosic nanomaterials (CN). This material is made from reducing wood to its thinnest and strongest component. Scientists at the US Forest Service Forest Products lab claim that this new material is just as strong as steel and 1/5 the weight. This material shows promise in applications such as computer technology, aircraft maintenance and building materials. This organization aims to improve concrete by adding CN to the matrix. The manufacturing of concrete is a labor-intensive process that creates an enormous amount of greenhouse gases. The addition of CN will decrease the amount of energy needed to create concrete, reducing emissions, while even improving the strength of the original material. The US Endowment has organized three field applications to test the durability and strength of this material. This material has been implemented in two small study sites in Madison Wi and northern California. The biggest test of this material is the rebuilding of a 100 x 40 ft parking lot in Greenville, South Carolina. In these three areas, the integrity of CN infused concrete will be tested. 

Read the full press release on this innovation material here.

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