Virginia's Big Tree Program

November's guest blogger is Eric Wiseman, associate professor of urban forestry and arboriculture and a Virginia Cooperative Extension specialist in the College of Natural Resources and Environment. Additionally he is coordinator of the Virginia’s Big Tree Program. The roots of this program can be traced back to1970. Today this program is run by the Department of Forest Resources and environmental conservationist throughout the state of Virginia. The mission of Virginia's Big Tree Program is to increase appreciate and care for trees of all sizes (not just big trees like the name suggests). Additionally the team aims to educate about the value of trees and forests. Over 300 different tree species can be found on the Virginia Big Tree register.  Accompanying each tree is information about its size, location and unique characteristics. Virginia is consistently ranked among the top 5 states for national champion trees, and there’s no surprise why! Visit the website here to search, browse, measure, or submit a tree. After scrolling through this register I'm itching for a trip to Virginia!

Which tree is your favorite? Have you seen any of these trees in person?

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