Thought I would share a new app developed for detecting and reporting invasive species in Massachusetts.  It is joining a crew of other apps already developed for invasive species elsewhere. This app, Outsmart Invasive Species, was funded by a U.S. Forest Service 2011 Competitive Allocation grant project and provides a way for app users to report sightings of invasive species.  Bugwood developed it and has produced similar apps for invasives in other states.


We need your help to "outsmart" invasive species in Massachusetts

If you have a smartphone or a digital camera, the power to protect the natural heritage of Massachusetts is already in your hands. Join the Outsmart Invasive Species Project to help stop the spread of non-native plants and insects that threaten our environment.

The problem 

Invasive species pose environmental and economic threats to communities throughout Massachusetts. Just think of Worcester, where an outbreak of the Asian longhorned beetle in 2008 led to the destruction of nearly 30,000 trees. It will take the community years to recoup the value of the lost urban canopy.

You can help 

Early detection and continual monitoring are key to stopping new invasive threats like the Asian longhorned beetle, whether in a forest or a city neighborhood. 

Now you can help researchers cover more ground by looking for invasive species anytime - whether walking the dog, hiking, fishing, gardening, or working outdoors. All you need is a smartphone, or a digital camera and access to the Web.

 To participate

1) If you have an iPhone or Android phoneDownload the free Outsmart Invasive Species application through iTunes or Google Play, and you'll be prepared to report invasive species anytime.

2) If you have a digital camera: Register to submit data using the free Early Detection and Distribution Mapping System (EDDMaps). Just go to Outsmart on EDDMaps to sign up. 


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