Most Dangerous Jobs in the US

I am still unable to wrap my head around the intense damage caused by the trifecta of hurricanes hitting the southern coast of US. I have recoiled at devastating images of islands and cities almost obliterated by tropical storms. As I hug my roommate, I mourn for the people that have lost their lives, or have lost everything but.

As 130+ mile winds hit cement lined structures, trees struggle to remain grounded by their roots in the underlying soil. After camping with a group in Wyoming this summer, I quickly learned that the taller your tent (or tree) the more intense the effects of wind will be. Our coastal states have trees that have become national landmarks and important community members to each of their cities. One may assume that these trees gained their title not only from their age but from their height and resilience.

So that makes me ask: what all does it take to be an arborist in these coastal states?

Upon doing research I soon learned that arboriculture is one of the most dangerous industries in the world. Working in potentially bad weather, welding heavy machinery, climbing to high altitudes does not make for safe working conditions.

That being said we are thankful for all our arborist throughout our nation who are still risking their lives to assess and amend the devastating work of natural disasters. Not only is American Grove dedicated to promoting the health of community forests but we want to ensure the health of those who work in the arboriculture industry.

If you are still coping with the aftermath of a natural diaster we have included a few resources from the How to Evaluate and Manage Storm-Damaged Forest Areas and After the Hurricane: Dealing with Damaged Trees as well. Find even more under our Resources tab!

That being said, we would love to hear stories from you! Please use this forum to share any noble, heroic, or typical encounters from your arboriculture job! Just don’t forget to close the story with a happy ending, we are invested in your wellbeing! 

And let us not forget about those heroic firefighter out west who have faced an intense fire season with the dedication and motivation needed to protect our national lands!

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