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With the help of technology, social ventures related to saving the environment became more accessible. The most intriguing practice is done by Tree Planet 2 from developers Tree Planet Inc. Basically, the free tree planting application’s main premise is allowing users to plant trees and save the environment by playing its mobile app game.

In this article, we’ll discuss more about the tree planting application, including but not limited to its background, the mobile operating systems that run it, and a few more extras.

A brief background

Tree Planet was conceptualized in 2010, born out of the collaborative efforts of Korean developers Jaehyun Kim, Hyung-soo Kim, and Mincheol Jeong. The main aim is for the company to be the record holder of having the most planted trees around the world.

In 2012, the company planted more than 250,000 trees, surpassing its initial goal of 100,000. In the same year, it won third place at the International Global Social Venture Competition in the United States. It’s a business plan competition for social ventures that create environmental gains, on top of monetary profits.

The Game

 Despite players criticized it for being monotonous,
HubPages lauds it for its eco-friendly initiative. After installing the app, read the tutorial for initial briefing, then determine your preferred sponsor, before selecting the place where you want to plant your tree (Republic of Sudan, Mongolia, and South Korea). The game’s premise is about planting, growing, and taking care of your tree:

· Tap the capsule to remove the seed coating.

· These are the five options: Water and fertilizer (for nourishing), Sleep (for resting), Shower (to make trees clean and neat), Training (to keep trees strong), and Potions (to keep trees from starvation).

· Move the sun towards your plant to have enough sunlight and nutrients.

· Challenges to look after: a sheep that eats your plant, a running cactus, and dark clouds. You can tap to remove them from your plant.

· After completing level 7, you’ll be given free outfits for your plant and the chance to choose an animal to go with your actual tree once it gets planted.

 Which mobile OS is it available?

Providing an excellent gameplay, the app is made available for both the iOS and Android platforms.

· iOS

iDevices such as the iPhone 5S provides an exciting gameplay for Tree Planet. Thanks to the integration of the iOS 7, the device has tools such as the Game Center, bringing support for leader board rankings. Through the Notifications Tab, the Game Center will update you on the current state of your tree, whether it needs to be watered or put outdoors in sunlight.

· Android

Android 4.4 KitKat-run devices will surely love the game’s visuals. The new HTC One M8 comes with the latest Android OS, which has with the new Immersive Mode that allows maximizes the full screen space while playing. When installed in the device, you’ll get to appreciate the vibrancy of colors, as it comes with a 5-inch Full HD display, the page on the new HTC One on O2 confirms.

Tree Planet-Double A Partnership

Last year, Nation Multimedia reported a partnership between Tree Planet and Double A to extend its bid of planting a billion trees by 2020. This is on top of the company’s existing partnerships with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD).

The partnership gave birth to the app’s successor – the Tree Planet Season II – Spirit of the Trees. It extends tree planting activities on Facebook, wherein players with fully-grown trees can also request their actual plant to be named after them, including its gender.

 How are the trees being planted?

Tree Planet receives funding from advertising on the app, which is deployed to its partners Hanhwa and World Vision for the actual planting. Meanwhile, the water pumps in the game are also being donated to improve the living conditions in the third world countries.

Similar to child care programs, tree owners will receive a monthly update on their planet. Also, the company designates a team that takes photos of the plant to go with the updates.

Tree Planet is an exciting mobile app, striking the right balance between technology and social and environmental care. What it takes is for us to make the small move, for the betterment of the nature. Have you tried Tree Planet 2?

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Plant a tree, post your spot, grow a movement!

Plan-It Geo would like to invite all those doing the good work this season to Show the World by posting your planting project On Line!

The PG Online 2013 Earth Day/Arbor Day Tree Planting Tracker is FREE for a limited time and open to anyone with an internet connection or mobile device.

  • View other planting projects in your state or region,
  • Enter your own planting locations and tree information
  • Download tree planting sites to your desktop applications.

Everyone loves a Giveaway: A lucky winner will be drawn at the end of the webinar receiving a 1-year subscription for the Tree Tracker inventory app for use in your community ($850 value)! All you have to do is (1) attend the webinar, and (2) share this post with additional colleagues who would be interested.

The winner will be randomly picked from all webinar attendees who recruit at least 3 others to attend (preferably from outside your city or organization).

Register for our Kick-off Informational and Demo webinar being held on Tuesday, April 9th at 2pm Eastern time. (click to register).

For more information, about Plan-It Geo, PG Online, or the Tree Planting Tracker Webmap, visit the PG Online website, and our American Grove Page.

The only thing better than planting a tree, is encouraging others to help by showing off your hard work!


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Tree Inventory on the Cheap

A couple years back I was part of a team that developed an urban forest inventory program that relied on using our expensive Trimble deferentially corrected GPS unit. 

These days it seems there are many options for collecting tree inventory data from tablets, and mobile phones.

Are there really "tons" of options out there?

What are you using? - What are the drawbacks and advantages? 

Anyone have experience with how well the spatial location works through mobile applications?

There seems to be a great need and utility for this sort of tool.

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American Grove on Your Smart Phone

Have you tried American Grove Mobile?  Easily view great tree photos or post one of your own using your smart phone.  You may access by going to or if you have an Android phone download our new App that accesses the mobile version with one click by clicking here or on the graphic. Using the mobile version you can also access your state group, top content, and discussions in a super convenient format which in many ways exceeds the desktop version. Share your tree passion and help us motivate others to plant trees!


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American Grove has a new interface and we think it is pretty awesome.  All smart phones will automatically route you to the mobile version as it uses the screen much more efficiently.  Some features are preferable to the desktop version, like the photo view.  If you have a tablet, the desktop version will be the default, but if you want to see the mobile version on your tablet or desk top simple go to  It is simple to toggle between the desktop and mobile version by going to menu icon in the upper right (unfortunately, because it was designed for phone browsers the menu icon shows up as a black box in the upper right using internet explorer).  

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