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Top Content Contest

Do you have tree information to share?  Are you a tree blogger or photographer? Share your tree content on American Grove or your State Grove (only discussions, not comments) whether it’s a picture, video, event and/or blog. The three people with the highest ranking as determined by our website’s algorithm will receive a $50 Home Depot card plus an American Grove coffee mug and/or T-Shirt. To measure top content, the algorithm looks at a combination of quantity and quality, taking into account things like visits, shares (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest) and who knows what else! While unpredictable, it is completely independent and I have found it to be a good measure. The only rules are that the content must be tree-related, subject to administrator approval, and posted after August 20th. The information does not have to be original, but must list sources. The top 3 on September 4th will win. Share your tree content now! Below are some quick links to post your content and the current top content board. 

1. Post a photo of your favorite tree or your most recent tree planting:


2. Post an original blog or share information you think we will enjoy.


3. Post a discussion item on your state grove.


4. Post an upcoming event.


5. Post or repost your favorite tree video.


6. View Top Content

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American Grove Contest:

Spring is either here or around the corner for most of us. A great time to go out and take a picture of you with the largest tree in your community . The first three people to post photo of them with the biggest tree you can find will be able to choose from an American Grove Hat, Coffee Cup, or Organic T-Shirt. How big of a tree? Let's say you should not be able to wrap your arms fully around the tree. Android phones are able to use our mobile App to quickly post photos or use any device and post at

View Shirt

View Mug

View Hat

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Invitation Contest Reults

During the invitation contest we signed on 67 new members and now are only 20 away from 3000 active members!  So close, keep the new members coming and we'll be sure to give them some good tree content to encourage urban tree planting.  OK,  here are the final results.

Keith Wood 36 new members

Laura Wagner 20 new members

Coe Roberts 2 new members.

Great work everyone, those mentioned above should receive their Home Depot Give Cards this week.

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"Like Me" Contest Winners

We have 3 winners in the "like me" contest with each winner receiving a $50.00 Home Depot Gift Card. The winning entries were:

Watering Trees & Landscape Materials in Summer Heat

by Tim Egli

A biologist reveals the secret world hidden in a single square meter of forest & Tilford Elementary Trees For Kids Tree Planting

by Laura Wagner

Mulch with Weed Prevention

by Tivon Feely

Great Posts Everyone.

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Photo Contest of your Urban and Community Forest

The U.S. Forest Service challenges you to get outdoors and take photos of your urban or community forest. You could win $200 in outdoor gear from the National Forest Foundation!


About the Challenge
America is home to more than 100 million acres of urban and community forests. These are the forests that line our streets, shade our buildings and burst with color every fall. Did you know that these trees also clean our air and help prevent pollution and flooding? That's one of the reasons we like to call our urban trees 'the hardest working trees in America.' Take a picture of your neighborhood forest and send it to us. You'll have fun outside, and could win cool prizes for your photo!


Urban and community forests broadly include urban parks, street trees, landscaped boulevards, public gardens, river and coastal promenades, greenways, river corridors, wetlands, nature preserves, natural areas, shelter belts of trees and working trees at industrial brownfield sites. Don't forget to tell your friends and family to vote for your submission - there will be one Popular Choice prize winner.


The U.S. Forest Service is active in more than 7,000 communities across America, working to keep our urban forests healthy.


Founded by Congress in 1991, the National Forest Foundation works to conserve, restore and enhance America’s 193-million-acre National Forest System in partnership with the U.S. Forest Service.


For contest rules, visit:

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Winner: Do You Know Your Grove?

As many of you may know, yesterday was the conclusion of the Do You Know Your Grove? seek-and-find contest. We'd like to thank each and every one of our 25 contest participants and hope that you'll continue to check back on The Grove for our latest contests and activities. Of the 25 submissions, 8 were correct in that there are 11 differences to be found in the images below. 

Here are the differences:

1. There is an extra lamp in the background

2. There is an extra green leaf under the bench

3. One of the bricks in the sidewalk is more of a red color

4. The bush to the far left is a vibrant red

5. There is an extra black tree trunk in the background

6. The concrete building in the background has been covered by bushes

7. The bench has a broken plank

8. There is an extra seedling behind the bench

9. There are 2 extra willow plants in front of the evergreen on the left side of the image

10. The bench is missing a small vertical iron bar underneath it in the foreground of the image

11. There is an extra brown leaf in the background

Our winner was chosen through a random drawing out of the 8 correct submissions. We are excited to announce that the winner of The Grove Do You Know Your Grove? contest is...Tim Sheehan of Kentucky. Tim will receive a new Amazon Kindle e-reader and a $60.00 gift card to for purchasing eco-friendly books.

Congratulations Tim and thanks again to all of our participants!



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Announcing our Tree Tenants Winners

The results are in for The Grove’s Tree Tenants photo contest! Before announcing our winners, we’d like to thank everyone who participated in the contest – including all the members who shared their Tree Tenant photos and stories with The Grove community, as well as our panel of judges from various state and urban forestry agencies and the USDA Forest Service.

Each winner will receive a gift card to their choice of either The Home Depot or Wild Birds Unlimited. The first place winner will receive a $100 gift card. Second place will receive a $50 gift card, and third place will receive $25 gift card.

And now for the moment we’ve all been waiting for…The winners of the Tree Tenants photo contest are:

1st Place Winner: “The New Baby Robins” by Gail Ross, Michigan Grove

2nd Place Winner: “Tennessee’s Returning 17-Year Tree Tenants” by Don Richardson, Tennessee Grove

3rd Place Winner: “Tree Tenant” by Tammy Gilbert, Kentucky Grove


Note: Winners have been notified via message/email from The Grove. If you are one of our three winners and did not receive this email due to email or spam blocks, please notify the Administrator at your soonest convenience to receive your prize.

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Competition Grows for Tree Tenants Entries

Check out the current competition on the following state group pages: Michigan Grove, Kentucky Grove, Tennessee Grove, California Grove and Georgia Grove!


Still considering a photo to enter in The Grove's Tree Tenants photo contest? Better act fast as the competition comes to a close one week from today on Thursday, June 30! Click here for more information on the Tree Tenants photo contest going on now and how you can enter to win $100, $50 or $25 gift card to The Home Depot or Wild Birds Unlimited.


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Tree Tenants Photo Contest Going on Now!

For the next 2 weeks on The Grove, we are hosting a Tree Tenants photo contest for all members. Top 3 winners will be mailed gift certificates to their choice of either The Home Depot or Wild Birds Unlimited!







1st Place: Wins $100 gift card

2nd Place: Wins $50 gift card

3rd Place: Wins $25 gift card







Enter the contest by posting original photos of your favorite tree dwellers in the Tree Share section of your state group page (Click here to find your state Grove group page. Then click the gray box in the right corner of the group that says “+Join”).

Don’t forget to include a description of who/what your Tree Tenant is and anything else about it that you think might make for an interesting, unique or heartfelt tree story.

Possible Tree Tenants include owls, butterflies, bats, snakes, squirrels, raccoons or even people! If lives in a tree, it counts!

Winners will be determined by a panel of judges from state forestry agencies and the USDA Forest Service. Winners will be announced on July 8.

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Florida Wins State vs. State Competition

Florida is the winner of The Grove’s State vs. State Competition, our three-month drive for states to add members to their group pages. From Sept. 1 to Nov. 30, Florida added more than 200 members to its group page.

The Florida Urban Forestry Council will receive a $1,000 donation for its recruiting efforts. The donation will go to urban forestry programs throughout the state. A special thank you goes to Sandy Temple and Charlie Marcus for their efforts to get individuals in their state involved in The Grove.

Arkansas also recruited several new members this fall. During the contest, it added more than 150 Arkansasans to its group page. As the runner-up, The Grove will make a $750 donation to the Arkansas Urban Forestry Council. AUFC plans to use this donation to help with the Arkansas ReLeaf project to assist communities in recovering from tree loss caused by storm damage. Along with helping to releaf the community, the project educates the public on proper tree selection, placement and planting.

Thank you to all of our states for creating buzz about The Grove this fall. In total, the community grew from 454 members on Sept. 1 to 1,338 members today.

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Thanks to all who shared stories and photos on The Grove. Communities across the Southeast -- and the world -- are doing great things to increase their tree canopies. Many of you are getting kids involved to teach them the importance of creating a green legacy. Keep up the good work!

Our winning authors are:

Cheryl Kortemeier, our first place winner from Decatur, Ga., who helped the community of Oakhurst plant 100 trees in celebration of its 100th anniversary (pictured below). Click here to read the complete story. Cheryl selected Trees Atlanta to receive a $350 donation from The Grove.

Richard Bamlet, our second place winner from Vero Beach, Fla., who worked with a group in Scotland to plant 1,390 trees in 37 minute (pictured below). Click here to read the complete story. Richard selected the Florida Urban Forestry Council to receive a $200 donation from The Grove.

Janice Rahill, our third place winner from Orlando, Fla., who corralled a group of sixth grade boys to plant trees for Green Up Orlando (pictured below). Click here to read the complete story. Janice also selected the Florida Urban Forestry Council to receive a $100 donation from The Grove.

Congratulations to our winners!
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The Grove’s Tree Planting Story Contest

From Nov. 1 through 14, share your tree planting story and photos on The Grove to win a donation to the nature-related nonprofit of your choice.

To enter the contest, members must:

- Create a blog post with the title “Planting Story, [location]”

- Include a description of the where, when and why the author planted a tree in 250 words or less

- Include a photo of the tree during or after planting

Submissions will be judged based on writing and photo content and quality. Our panel of judges will include representatives from state forestry agencies, forestry councils, tree-related businesses and the U.S. Forest Service.

Winners will be announced on Friday, Nov. 19. The first place winner will designate a nature-related nonprofit to receive a $350 donation in his/her name. The second and third place winners will receive a $200 and $100 donation (respectively) to the nonprofit of his/her choice. Nonprofit recipients must be approved by the panel of judges before the donations can be made.

Share your tree planting story with us today to inspire others and to help out your favorite nature-related nonprofit.

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