Leaves, Protection, Prospect, and Dappled Light

The other day I had dinner with a professor of architecture and he shared some fascinating ideas with me. We agreed that groves of trees are the perfect counterpart to buildings and then he continued to cover some concepts of trees in academic literature that I was not familiar with. The first concept was humans evolving on the forest edge as it provided the perfect mix of prospect and protection. The savannah offered great prospect in terms of hunting while the forest provided protection in terms of weather and predators. Connected to this thought is the human fascination with dappled light, as it is most prevalent at the edge of the forest. The last concept had something to do with leaves. He explained that humans enjoy variation, but not too much variation, and that leaves provide the optimal amount of variation. All this reminds me of my friend Kathryn Kolb's photography which can viewed here or by linking to her website. Photographs by Kathryn Kolb.


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