How Much is Your Tree Worth?

Trees act as the lungs of the Earth. These photosynthetic organisms are a sink for CO2, storing this toxic compound permanently in their leaves. Trees also remove ozone and other particulate matter which can be detrimental to our atmosphere. Shade trees provide hot summer relief and habitats for wildlife all while helping fuel the hydraulic cycle. There is a satisfactory feeling about witnessing the first bloom of a newly planted sapling. After investing time and money on maintenance do you ever wonder how much your tree is worth? It's estimated that trees contribute billions of dollars worth of services annually. In effort to quantify carbon sequestration, increase in property values, and other ecological benefits  we consult an online resource: I-Tree. I-Tree is an intuitive tool that uses science to acknowledge the present and future monetary value of services provided by our local canopy. This resource can aid in urban policy and management practices. Visit I-Tree to learn which species of our leafy companions have the greatest environmental and economic impact. 
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