Can a street tree be too big?

Municipalities often wonder how big their street trees will become and if they will create damage to surrounding infrastructure, however New Orleans seems to have different ethic, let them grow! As a result they have one of the most amazing urban forest in the country. We know the the issues surrounding an uneven sidewalk, but have we considered the advantages? Perhaps with an expectation of uneveness, there would be more awareness and less accidents. Humans did not evolve walking on flat surfaces. Anyway, below is a picture of street tree that has exceeded all expectations, one example of thousands in New Orleans.

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  • I've been fighting this battle for years. Many say that 'it will move the pavement!' To which I say: 'So what?'
    This is one way that the street gains stature, presence, character.

    The Japanese know well the value of uneven footsteps; when a garden designer wants you to look down, he makes the footing uneven. When the footing becomes smooth again, one instinctively looks up– and finds a wondrous view.

    Streetscapes aren't the same, of course. But still.
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