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Both Washington and Colorado are celebrating their state arbor days this week on Wednesday, April 13 and Friday, April 15 respectively. Do you know which tree belongs to which state?

The Blue Spruce
The blue spruce, or Picea pungens, was named this state’s official tree in 1939, after it was first discovered on Pikes Peak. This coniferous tree ranges in color from blue to silver to green and often grows among others of its kind or alongside ponderosa pine, Douglas fir, alpine fir and other spruce.

The Western Hemlock
The western hemlock, or Tsuga heterophylla, is an evergreen coniferous tree whose abundance contributes to its state’s nickname as “the Evergreen State.” The western hemlock is native to the area of North America for which it is named and is known for its long life span. Individual western hemlocks have been recorded as being over 1,200 years old.


Which tree is which?

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