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This May, 2014, I was traveling in Northern Ireland with my 85 year old mother. I was escorting her while we were researching her Bradley family heritage. It was her bucket list trip.She wanted to buy a wool cardigan sweater while in N Ireland/Ireland. We were luckless while in the area of Draperstown, her ancestor's homelands. Then we were referred to a Cistercian Abbey about 30 miles away in Portglenone. We drove there and found Mom her wool cardigan, Yah. We went back twice more .. just because it felt like the right thing to do. During the last visit, as I was buying a silver claddagh ring, a bright+eyed man asked me if I was the fellow who had been making pictures of the trees on the Abbey grounds, and across the street at St Mary's catholic church?Yes, I sure was making photos of the trees I replied. You are aware that there is a Lebanon cedar, as well as two coastal redwoods {3.0' DBH} on the church grounds? Sure, he said.You love trees do you, he asked?I sure do.C'MON he cried out. You bet, said I with equal vigor.And with that we were out the door, through a fence, and over another into the meadows and forests of the Abbey!! {Paul Webb had been born at the Abbey, and continues to live there, now into his 40's.} My guide had free rein of the Abbey grounds!What an afternoon walkabout. There were sheep and horses grazing in the meadow, and a calm, actually sunny day to enjoy while walking through the grounds alongside the River Bann. We were walking through a forest of old, large 3.0 to 4.0 DBH oaks, elms, a cherry, and other deciduous species, when we came upon a patch of sun dabbled clover, w small white fairy flowers sprinkled throughout. Aye, t'was truly beautifull, and I felt the Divine purrs ripple through me then.Our walk lasted for about an hour, and I remember it fondly. The Divine purrs I experienced there in the clover were the strongest I experienced in all of our two week irish holiday. All because a couple of sequoia's had found me, and there I was outside of the car photographing them.Genuinely,Steven Bradley Terjak
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  • Trees can lead you in great directions anywhere in the world. Thank you for sharing!

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