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Day 15 Trivia Question

Today is Day 15, the last day of the 15 Days of Arbor Day. Our last trivia question is:

Based on weight, what two materials are recovered and recycled the most in the United States?

Be the first person to post the correct answer in the comments section below and you will win at $10 gift card to The Home Depot.

Yesterday’s trivia question was how many gallons of water a day fuel the average American lifestyle?

The answer is 2,000 gallons. What may come as a surprise is that very little of the 2,000 gallons per day —only five percent—runs through toilets, taps and garden hoses at home. Nearly 95 percent of each person's water footprint is hidden in the food you eat, energy you use, products you buy and services you rely on. Click here to use National Geographic’s water footprint calculator.

Yesterday's question was tricky so we did not have a winner. Thanks to Alissa Thomsen and Kellie McClellan for two good guesses, though.
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  • Happy Arbor Day everyone! It snowed a bit here today, but it was nonetheless a very good day for planting trees. I hope all of you celebrated accordingly and had an enjoyable day.


    It's time to leave the office here on the Western side of the country, and I see no one has yet offered a guess on this final and most perplexing question. So, I'll give it my own WAG and say paper and steel are the two materials in question. It depends on how you define "material," though. Wood fiber from trees is, of course, the raw material from which most paper is made.
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