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Amazing Tree Houses

For generations, tree houses have been known to elevate our imaginations and allow us to travel to new heights. Today, tree houses continue to do just that. Whether you’re the creative type who wants to construct your own or the adventurous type who wants to see the world from the tree tops, there’s a tree house for you.  For the imaginative type, there are a variety of tree house designs to choose from. Don’t know where to start? Check out these 10 Amazing Tree Houses: Plans, Pictures, Designs & Building Ideas.

For those of us who aren’t builders but still want to travel to new heights, check out some of the fantastic tree house hotels around the world that offer quiet, relaxing and environmentally friendly places to stay high up in the branches.

One such tree house hotel is the Canopy Resort in Australia. The resort offers six tree houses furnished with rainforest wood and extra-large windows that capture the exhilarating landscape views. At the Canopy Resort, renewable energy and an eco-friendly environment are of the utmost concern, as their accommodations are located within an Australian wildlife sanctuary. 

Another tree top getaway is the Maravu Plantation in Fiji. This tree house hotel has high end amenities, including king sized beds and sun porches. By recycling and using low-energy lights, the Maravu is a perfect energy saving getaway.

For another exotic vacation, visit the Hapuku Lodge in New Zealand. Each time a room is booked, one native tree gets planted. Travelers from all over the world visit Hapuku Lodge’s clear water, mountains and grove of more than 1,000 olive trees. Guests enjoy meals made with 100 percent local ingredients, one fourth of which comes from the Lodge’s own organic garden. The Hapuku Lodge prides itself on striving toward being a zero-waste property.

Click here for more tree house hotels. Or, for more inspiration about your time in the trees, check out these 11 amazing tree houses from around the world on The Daily Green.

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