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Tree Myths Explored

From Erik Muecke of the Wisconsin Grove

As tree people, we are all aware that there are many tree myths out there...  Should I put Listerine on a pruning cut? Will copper nails kill a tree?  Does beating an apple tree with a broom lead to more apples?  Well, the good news is that…


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Freaky Eaters & Trees

What do freaky eaters and trees have in common? They both can withstand very unhealthy conditions and still survive. As a consulting arborist, many of my clients do not manage their trees properly yet the trees survive and the clients often see no reason for changing their behavior. I recently was…


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Three Football Fields a Day (of canopy loss ... for 15 years)

I wanted to share an article from the front page - above the fold - in today's "Savannah Morning News".

I just returned from meetings, presentations, and a tour of the city and county while working for the Savannah Tree Foundation. There are many reasons for the canopy loss you'll read about in the article, which will be studied and addressed as we get further into the project. Hopefully this work and media coverage can reverse some of the current trends.  …


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American Grove: Helping trees by helping you share your knowledge

American Grove was created to share tree planting and urban forestry knowledge and passion online. The core of our knowledge comes from you our members and state urban forestry coordinators that are professionals that work hard in their region to proliferate and take care of urban trees. State coordinators oversee…


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Acacia Tree in Africa Protects against Foragers with Tannins

My friend recently returned from the Serengeti in Africa, where the Acacia Tree, a favorite food of giraffes, has developed a unique defense strategy. In response to its constant pruning via consumption, the tree produces tannins which makes the taste bitter and less palatable to the giraffe. The Acacia…


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Tree Planet: Mobile Apps Branch Into Forestry

With the help of technology, social ventures related to saving the environment…


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Happy First Day of Spring! Happy World Forestry Day!

Last week, March 9-15, is the California Arbor Day; yes, the entire week in California. Today, March 20, is the first day of spring 2014; tomorrow, March 21, the day of World Forestry Day/International Day of Forests, endorsed by the UN. It is the time of the year for tree caring and forest protection & restoration, especially after a couple of major wildfires resulted from the long lasting drought in California and Southwest. As a member of the Grove, we know that trees are…


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A Tree is a tree

In both my jobs as an tree risk assessor and a online tree community manager I continuously am having to outline the benefits of trees. I understand this process and am appreciative of having the opportunity to do so, but another part of me just wants people to enjoy a tree for being a tree without all the…


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Tree Risk Assessment Qualification Course is on Target

I recently attended the the first Tree Risk Assessment Qualification Course (TRAQ) in the country. It was hosted at Gwinnett Technical College in Lawerenceville, GA. The class was limited to 20 people but they were from across the country. We had representation from local governments, tree…


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Sweet Gum Trees, More than Meets the Eye

Sweet gum trees (Liquidambar Styracifulua) are notorious for the spiny seed balls they drop.  They are often confused for maple trees for their five pointed leaves.  Many people cut them down because of the seed balls.  Joan Maloof in Teaching from the Trees shares…


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The Best Trees for Shade in the Summer and Sun in the Winter

What is your favorite shade tree for your yard and why? 

Check out Brad's opinion below.  He share some good reasons for planting a deciduous tree, not to mention some mistakes to avoid. Don't forget to share your favorite.

The other day I asked my friend who has his own lawn care business…


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American Grove "Like Me" Contest

Post a video, photograph, or blog and get your friends to like it and win a $50 Home Depot gift card from the American Grove.  Modesty is a great trait, but to win you will need to share your tree passion by getting friends to like your post.  A great way to promote your post is by cutting and pasting the URL (the…


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Tree vs. Sidewalk - To Install Root Barriers or Not?

Our Village Council recently approved a sidewalk replacement project for spring 2012.  The contractor was asked to include root barriers in the bid.  The information I have found on root barriers is at best conflicting.

In your experience, what root pruning / barrier techniques have had the most positive outcomes?  Can you provide any specifications for your methods &/or materials used?

As a Tree City USA, we always try to keep an eye out for best practices to preserve our…


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More Non-Timber Ecosystem Services of Trees

Earlier in the year at Georgia’s Arbor Day celebration at the  Capitol, a “check” for $37.2 billion dollars in ecosystem service value provided by trees was handed to Georgia Governor Nathan Deal, the result of the study “Quantifying… Continue

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The Benefits of being a Tree City

Public image, citizen pride and financial assistance are just a few of the many benefits a city has when it becomes part of Tree City USA. Being a part of the program is an indication to prospective businesses and citizens that the area is committed to its neighborhoods’ quality of life. The program can also influence…


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Want to know the environmental and economic value your trees provide on an annual basis?

 The Tree Benefit Calculator allows you to make this simple estimation. Input your location by zip code to find your climate zone, add the tree s

pecies and size, and…


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Ted's Tree & My Tree Passion

Last winter I was attending an organizational meeting to plant 100K trees in DeKalb County sponsored by Nalley Automotive.  The program leader kicked the meeting off by having us introduce ourselves and describe one event that led to our passion for trees.  I had to think about this, but remembered my older brother, Ted, who has since passed, planting a tree at my elementary school.  Ted was about five years older than me and outside of family time there were not many moments when we…


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Loblolly Pine Failure

Loblolly Pines are prevalent in the deep south and are very common in the South's Urban Forest.  I had the false impression that Loblolly Pine trees typically failed in ice storms in the winter or by snapping.  Here is a picture of a Loblolly Pine that failed on top of my friend's house in Atlanta.  Perhaps some trees had been removed near it changing the load of the tree or it was the… Continue

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Announcing our Tree Tenants Winners

The results are in for The Grove’s Tree Tenants photo contest! Before announcing our winners, we’d like to thank everyone who participated in the contest – including all the members who shared their Tree Tenant photos and stories with The Grove community, as well as our panel of judges from various state and urban forestry agencies and the USDA Forest…


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Competition Grows for Tree Tenants Entries

Check out the current competition on the following state group pages: Michigan Grove, Kentucky Grove, Tennessee Grove, California Grove and…


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