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Tennessee’s Tulip Poplar

The tulip poplar has the distinction of being the state tree of Tennessee, Kentucky and Indiana. Since Tennessee’s Arbor Day is March 4, we’re going to focus on the Volunteer State and its history with the tulip poplar.


The Tennessee legislature adopted the tulip poplar as the state tree in 1947 because it was used extensively by the Tennessee pioneers to construct their houses, barns and other buildings.…


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Wanted: The City Tree of the Future

" 'Climate change will not leave the green lungs of our cities untouched. We already know that some species will not get along with the associated weather extremes in the long run', said Klaus Körber of the Bavarian State Institute for Viticulture and Horticulture in Veitshöchheim, Germany.

Therefore, the research organization tries to find the best urban trees for the future in a large-scale attempt. Currently on a five acre test site near the German town Würzburg 450 trees are being…


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Share a Video & Receive a Free Tree Print

Do you have a favorite tree video? Find your favorite and upload it to The Grove starting today, Feb. 21. The first 20 members who upload a video will receive a free 18 x 24 print of a tree painting by artist Barry Nehr. The video -- either one you created or found online -- must be about trees or tree-related… Continue

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Alabama’s Longleaf Pine

Instead of having a single Arbor Day, Alabama celebrates Arbor Day during the last full week of February every year.


The Alabama legislature first designated the Southern pinetree as the state tree in 1949. Because there are so many kinds of…


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The Importanceof Mycorrhiza to Trees

Mycorrhiza and trees, a symbiotic relationship worthy of our praise!  Mycorrhiza is a type of fungus that grows like small hairs off the the roots of trees within the soil and helps the trees absorb water and minerals while the mycorrhiza receives carbohydrates in the form of sugar from the tree? Trees will also draw on the carbohydrates stored in the mychoriza when its own production and storage is low.  In the early 1990s mycologist Suzanne Simard and her team at Oregon State University…


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Georgia’s Live Oak

Georgia celebrates its Arbor Day on Feb. 18 – a great reason for The Grove to celebrate the live oak, Georgia’s state tree. The live oak became the official tree on Feb. 25, 1937, at the request of the Edmund Burke Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.…


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WFTV Orlando Item regarding turnpike landscape costs to taxpayers

RE: the recent WFTV article about the Turnpike widening project’s landscape budget


(The following is what I just wrote as a comment on WFTV's website regarding the article. I hope fellow grove members will also write their Florida congressional representatives in favor of funding landscape budgets for State, FDOT & Turnpike projects.)


I am in…


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Mississippi’s Southern Magnolia

T o celebrate Mississippi’s Arbor Day on Feb. 11, we’re spotlighting the state tree – the Southern magnolia. The Southern magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora) has the distinction of being Mississippi’s state flowerand its state tree. School children selected the Southern magnolia as the stateflower…


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M.S. Assistantship: Exploring tree diversity effects on microbial ecology in urban areas

The Department of Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries, University of Tennessee, Knoxville has a M.S. Assistantship available beginning in the fall of 2011. The assistantship is full time and carries a stipend of $12,500 per year. The assistantship comes with a tuition waiver, fee waiver, and health benefits for academic years 2011-2013.

Project: The assistantship will serve as baseline data for the city of Knoxville, one of ten metropolitan cities in the State of Tennessee. There…


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Trees and the Soil that Surrounds Them

Trees and soil have a fascinating relationship.  Trees thrive in healthy soil and in turn soil is fortified by the presence of trees.  Trees stabilize soil and help prevent erosion.  Leaf litter protects the soil from cold injury, like a blanket on a bed, in addition to suppressing weeds and conserving water.   Soil contributes many of the 19 essential elements needed by trees in addition to providing it a place to anchor.  Trees are majestic but the ecosystem within the soil of an old tree…


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