Douglas Brinkley, New York Times bestselling historian, has created an enchanting biography regarding one of the greatest conservationist of our time. The star of the show, our nation’s 26th president is the subject of The Wilderness Warrior: Theodore Roosevelt and the Crusade for America. This riveting work of art gives us a mirror into the past, painting a modern portrait of the man often referred to as the father of conservation.

This biography is entertaining and does not harp too much over non-nature related aspects of his diplomacy. This narrative attempt to encompass all the tremendous feats this American has had in our nation's history over 100 years ago. Nature lovers welcome! Brinkley beautifully describes the alluring landscapes our conservationist hero fell in love with. Roosevelt is described as a revolutionary thinker and knew the preservation of this land was vital future generations. His noble crusades helped define the future of America. Even today we take for granted the valiant fight that went on to secure the sanctity of this vast acreage. Without this man, who knows what would be of 234 million acres of wildland in America. His pioneering environmental policies have impacted not just rural areas, but our nation our continental land mass as a whole, as hinted by the title.

His feats in the protection of wildlife and habitat are immense, though his major achievements are the National Wildlife Refuge System, United States Forest Service, and the Biological Survey. He preserved 2,000-year-old redwood trees (like the ones submitted in our annual GATC) and ancient rock formations belonging to future generations. Our administrator Morgan got to visit one of Roosevelt's favorite landmarks (check our social media at @Plantyourlegacy for photos!).

The book, a perfect gift for any nature or history buff, can be purchased here

In regards to what is happening in modern politics, it is important to reflect on how our nation has secured some of our national treasures that we are still fighting to preserve. 

We urge you to recommend any books that highlight the importance of land conservation, urban canopy, current or historic forestry!

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