Largest Tree in Arkansas

"I feel a Bald Cypress would make an excellent winner of the Great American Tree Competition. Bald Cypress are an industrious, determined, and strong species, able to survive in areas that other species would drown in, persevering against all odds to bring shade and roosts for birds in swampy areas. Many animals utilize bald cypress trees. Frogs, toads and salamanders all use bald cypress as breeding areas. Bears sometimes choose Bald Cypress trees to den in. I feel that because the tree helps bring new life to the world and not just of their own children, but helps others bring theirs into the world is an excellent example of how our diverse culture should harmonize, working to create the greatest good, for the greatest number, for the longest time." 

This tree is located in the White River Refuge in Northwest Arkansas. It is the largest tree in the entire state of Arkansas, and King of the Champion trees for the state. It can be seen at around 7 minutes into this video

 Nominated by Regine Skelton

Awarded 2016's Great American Tree

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