Stranger in the Woods

The novel by Michael Finkel is unlike like any other book we’ve featured before. We’ve all daydreamed of leaving society and living in the woods. This story is about a man who accomplished that dream. The Survivor in the Woods describes the hermitage of Christopher Knight. Knight used his extensive outdoor skills to survive 27 years of solitude (1986-2013) in the forests of rugged Maine. Christopher Knight is regarded as the last true hermit, escaping into the wilderness at 20 years old with virtually no possessions. Between the years of 1986-2013 avoided authorities and developed the nickname of the “North Pond Hermit.” He strategically set up camp 1 mile away from vacation homes that were unoccupied most of the year. His survival was fueled by items stolen from local vacated cabins such as frozen food, books, or tools. He is known to commit over 1,000 burglaries to survive in the harsh Maine wilderness.

In The Survivor in the Woods, Finkel describes his in-depth interview with Knight and answers some of our burning questions. How did he keep warm during Maine’s brutal winters? How did he avoid authorities for so long? Click here to find the answer to your questions in The Stranger in the Woods.

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