You might know him for his ultimate mustache in the TV Series, Parks and Rec, but Nick Offerman is much more than that. Similar to his TV persona, Ron Swanson, Offerman is a passionate and dedicated woodworker. Good Clean Fun takes you behind the scenes into his personal woodshop uniquely named Offerman Work Shop (OWS). Through humor and personal accounts, carpenters crew describe the nitty-gritty details of mastering such a noble craft. Between the pages of this book, you will find pristine photos of lumber that will make any tree enthusiast swoon.

This book not only offers woodworking tips but also includes a step by steps on how to recreate some of their most popular creations. Regardless of your skill level, you will find helpful insight into the woodworking business.

This book full of woodworking mirth and knowledge can be purchased here

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