Live Oak in Valdosta

Location:  Valdosta State University in Valdosta, Georgia

Species:  Quercus virginiana Live Oak

Size:  About 25 feet tall and 35 feet spread

Why is this Great American Tree special?

"I wanted to submit a photo from Valdosta State University’s urban forest.  It is of a Live Oak that sits on the north side of the Fine Arts building on campus, which is appropriate, as this tree is a living work of art.  Live Oaks are not only the state tree of Georgia, but a tree that has a historical legacy throughout the south.  Films such as “Gone With the Wind” and “Forest Gump” show the majestic qualities of live oaks and this has been appreciated by many, inspiring people to plant this solid, long lived tree.  In the photo the live oak casts a shadow and silhouette during the sunrise on campus.  Few things in nature are more beautiful than a sunrise, but this tree makes this particular sunrise even more stunning.  Valdosta State University is home to many majestic live oaks and this one is a favorite on campus.  Being in close proximity to Fine Arts you can find many band and orchestra members practicing their music under this oak tree.  Many events are held here and on the adjoining lawn.  It is easy to see why, because this tree supplies the décor!"

submitted by Monica Haynes

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