The Forest and the City

Cecil Konijnendijk gave a powerful speech at 2017's The Partners in Community Forestry Conference. Since then we have been patiently waiting for the release of his new resource, The Forest, and The City.Konijnendijk provides modern day examples of successful collaboration between society and nature from around the globe. This book uses thriving forested cities to aid in his comprehensive study of nature's role on humanity. His evidence is a testimony to the importance of implementing policies aimed at increasing the interaction of ecosystems 

The vitality of trees and accompanying greenspaces projects help the reader better understand of the mutually beneficial relationship of society and nature. Social development goes hand in hand with the improvement and availability of local green infrastructure. This book will help readers understand the ever-evolving importance of cohabitation. The Forest and the City is a must-read for those interested in learning various strategies of urban sustainability.

This book can be purchased here.

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