Dodge City Red Oak

Nominated by: Jerry Erikson

This tree is at 501 Annette Street in Dodge City, KS, it is one of three red oak trees in the front of our lot. There are not very many trees in Dodge City, so when there are 3 oak trees approximately 50 or 60 feet tall in the same location it is a big draw. Many of the people in our neighborhood take special notice of our red oaks. They give us "suggestions" in what they need. Some of those suggestions are:  be sure and give them enough water in these 100° days, you need to give them iron, if you will water them slowly for a long time it is better for them, and many other ideas. They are very nice trees and were planted in the fifty's. People drive by just to look at them.

Dodge City ha an average yearly rainfall of around 20", it gets above 100 many days in the summer, so it is pretty hot and dry. I am sure as oak trees go, these are pretty run of the mill, but in Dodge City, Kansas they are "rock stars"!

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