Longleaf, Far as the Eye Can See

A mosaic of longleaf pine forest once dominated the southern US, covering more than 90 million acres in North America.Today almost 98% of these longleaf pines have been eliminated. These pines, characterized by their 4 distinct growth stages and long needles, were wiped out by widespread deforestation due to the migration of settlers. Controlled fires, soil characteristics, topography, and land use control the survival of these once prevailing forests. The frequency of fires is essential to the growth and regeneration of these diverse communities. These pines are known for their longevity(existing at 500 years old) and adaptability. Bill Finch and other advocates use spectacular photos to campaign for the preservation, restoration, and reestablishment of longleaf pine forests. 

This book is sponsored by The Longleaf Alliance and can be purchased here

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