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River of Fire by John Maclean

Excerpt from the novel:
"The Rattlesnake Fire site has been a place of mourning, remembering, and paying respects to the fifteen who in 1953 gave everything they had as they ran to survive. It has been a place for firefighters to be quiet and to honor ... a sad place where visitors would look at the crosses and then shake their heads as they drove away and say 'too bad.' But now, after all these years, I can see Rattlesnake as a site of resurrection. A site of new beginnings. A site where young and old firefighters can come together and cherish the lessons the fifteen instructors are eagerly waiting to tell us about."
Find River of Fire here.
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Fire On The Land

“What can we learn from this history?  How difficult it is to invent a new idea and put it in the field.  How hard it is to admit you're wrong.  How critical it is that reforms come from within the ranks rather than be imposed from outside.  How much boldness must meld with humility, and insight with practice.  And, if the past is prologue, as Shakespeare held, how much wildland fire management will likely remain one of American forestry's great experiments.”
-Excerpt from preface by Dr. Stephen Pyne

Society of American Foresters' has published their newest anthology of modern research on fire ecology, policy, and the influence of wildfires in forest management. Fire on the Land is a collection of peer-reviewed scientific articles that provide in-depth descriptions and examples of fire's influence on the landscape of our nation. Researchers who tend these allow insight to not only the history of detrimental fires but current practices and future practices into this fire science. 

Fire on The Land can be purchased on SAF's website here

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