Edward Huang 黄铁屿 posted a status
Feb 1, 2017
Happy WWD 2017!
Tomorrow, 2 Feb. 2017, is the World Wetlands Day (WWD). We at CIEDM have engaged activities to celebrate WWD since 2011. This year, the international theme for World Wetlands Day 2017 is "Wetlands for Disaster Risk Reduction". With wetland forests being important Blue Carbon sinks, there is an integrated and interdependent relationship between wetland forests and environmental resiliency. We have advocate & promote the concept of Blue Environmentalism since 2010, and protect of wetlands & forests is a main component of the thought. Wetland forests provide not only important hydrological functions such as groundwater recharge, water quality improvement and flood alleviation, they also provide the essential eco-service of carbon sequestration and storage and thus disaster reduction.

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