William Charles Bigelow is now a member of American Grove
Jan 2





Berryville, VA

Favorite tree species

Cornus florida (Flowering dogwood)

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Shop n' Save


I have been in love with Berryville and fascinated with it’s municipal politics ever since I sometimes tagged along with my mother when she went to cover some of the local governing bodies. My mother Claudia was the lead reporter for the Clarke Times-Courier for a few years back when it was still being printed. She was very good at writing and making the stories interesting. I remember being very intrigued and even feeling suspense as new developments arose in the saga of Clarke’s new high school. It was truly memorable. I was happy to see my sister graduate from the wonderful new facility. My mom’s experiences working for the paper convinced her and my father to move back here in 2007. (We lived here when I was a newborn and toddler.) Not only are the people here wonderful, another attraction was the patterns of development. Clarke Co. is truly the “Central Park of northern Virginia.” In elementary and middle school, I watched out of control, high speed development with dismay. With it came a more urban, less friendly culture. Coming to CCHS for four years was a breath of fresh air. I feel inspired and a calling to give back to my community somehow. The Tree Board would be a good fit for me as I come from an environmental background. My grandmother Janette D. Sherman is a medical doctor and has written extensively on toxicology and the importance of environmental issues in political economy. Her son, my father, Charles started working in the solar power industry in 2001. I grew up learning about renewable energy and conservation efforts from my family. From 2007-2015, I’ve worked with my father installing solar panels and wind turbines. We started a venture in 2013 named Clean Green Lawn Services that specialized in solar powered electric lawn mowers and landscaping services. We often advised customers to plant trees on their property and to be mindful of what species were better. Some folks enjoyed having trees that would help out the wildlife, planting ones that produce berries or other fruits. Both my father and grandmother are retiring here after living close to DC most of their lives. It is my goal to stay in Berryville and expand my roots here. I have never been to a nicer part of the world than here. I have had a good time in the workforce here, primarily working as a cook since my father’s health has gone into a steep decline. This has lead me to the Deli of Shop n’ Save where I hope to become Manager soon. I was quite pleased when I heard that Berryville was getting a Tree Board. The thing that makes this town so beautiful is the fact that we have so many trees and other fauna along with the wildlife here. It is truly a relaxed, country town. It is my goal to stay here indefinitely and raise children here. I am on this forum now due to recently completing the Tree Board University online class.