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  • Hi Rob, Thanks for joining The Grove. Don't forget to join the Georgia Grove "Group" by clicking the plus sign at the top right corner of the Georgia Grove page. This will allow you to view events and join our Georgia discussion group.
  • It seems like I heard about HGOR at a GGIA Convention, They were being held in Athens for while until last year. To get an honorable mention at a plant based (nursery man's) convention I thought was pretty impressive. I was the LAR looking for new suppliers, talking to a lot of people. I'll check out the web site when I get a chance ..
  • How is work, I'm in Athens and a little slow. Just enjoyed a huge shower. I dig drainage. It seems like I've heard of HGOR , If you could some up your specialty or describe reputation in industry, What would it be? Design Build Environments for your Landscape, is how we sell it in Athens. I would be interested in chatting sometime. I Went to school @ UGA - LAR.
  • When we expanded the Grove website to include the other states, we updated to something called the "Ning" platform, so the old Georgia Grove was discontinued to make way for this new site, and everyone had to rejoin. Thanks for the alert. I am sure there are others that need to re-join as well.
  • Thanks for joining the Grove, Rob!
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