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  • Great blog post, Neil! I'm interested in talking more about this case and this issue. I will call you. Thanks!

    Stasia Kelly, GFC

  • Thanks Neil! Looking forward to getting active in this community online and on the ground.

  • Hi Neil,

    I am employed full time for the Illinois Chapter, I also have a part-time assistant. I would be happy to share anything that we have, no need to reinvent the wheel :) Keep in touch!


  • Hi Neil. Thanks for the welcome. Looking forward to the connections to be made here at the grove.

  • BTW, Pretty cool that you've dabbled in disc golf design as well.
    Hopefully, we'll be able to get you out on one of our courses in the not-too-distant-future.
    Happy New Year!

  • Hi Neil, Thanks for the rapid reply.
    I'm hoping to partner with some groups that are interested in placing recreational amenities, such as disc golf, into forested areas, as an alternative way to 'save' them from clear-cutting for mulit-purpose fields, etc.
    We haven't always been able to complete the construction of a course without cutting, but we strive to keep it to a minimum, if at all, by letting the trees guide us.
    I would be grateful if you, or other members of this group could steer me in the right direction.
    Thanks so much!

    Gregg Hosfeld
    Founder World Champion Disc Golf Design, LLC.
    3-time Professional Disc Golf Association World Champion.

  • Thank you for the warm welcome Neil, we have plenty of ice plant located throughout the city where i work at. That particular ice plant is the small leave variety that we have plenty of  at our Habitat Restoration Project in El Segundo, Ca. overlooking LAX. I just recently bought a camera and will be taking plenty of photos with it and sharing it with my tree friends here at American Grove. So far all the pictures i have up were taken with my cell phone. Better stuff coming soon.

  • Neil,

    I would love to help propagate the black oak acorns - and some others, as well.

    Also, looking forward to collecting acorns to use in one of the recipes I've seen here on The Grove. 


  • Thank you for the welcome, Neil.  We look forward to sharing with you as well...keep up the good work!

  • That's SO great to know!! Thanks for the badge of honor ;)

    I'm quite flattered......

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