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  • Hi Mary,

    Regarding your blog on plant trees in your community.  I am not sure if you intentionally posted for your "friends only."  For the widest audience, it is important to choose :"everyone."   If you want to change it just go to your post and under "options" in the upper right, scroll down to "edit post" and choose "everyone" in the dialog box that pops up under "who can view my post".  Neil

  • Hi Mary,

    I hope you do not mind that I added a photo on your blog.  I wanted to Facebook it and looks so much better with a picture on Facebook.   Be sure to like us also on Facebook at


  • Hi Mary,

    Welcome to the American Grove.  We are excited you have joined us and thank you for your blog!   Be sure to join the Nebraska Group by following the link and clicking on save in the upper right corner.  Our most popular feature is our blog.  Go here this month's top content.  Some state groves are more active than others, the most active now is Iowa.    Typically events are posted in the state groups in addition to nationally under Events. If you have any questions, I would be happy to hear from you.

    Neil Norton, American Grove Administrator

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