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  • I am a big fan of Urban Forest Metrix. Give them a call at and let them know Neil sent you. 

  • Hello, Do you have a list of quality yet affordable tree inventory / management software?  I would like to apply for a grant to purchase the software but it must have sustainable maintenance fees for the coming years.  Thanks in advance for your assistance.

  • Would love to speak about street trees, also an interest of mine.  For years I have lobbied unsuccessfully for getting our city to plant trees differently along the Main street.  It will come, but slowly.  N

  • Hi Lisa,

    Street trees are interesting.  Check out all the blogs written on street trees on The Grove by following the link.  Congratulations on planting 20 Trees in your Community.  

    Welcome to the Grove!  I am the online administrator.  Please post feedback and/or questions about trees or network by responding to this comment, or feel free to post photos or read our tree blog.  Great job joining your State Grove.


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