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  • Greetings Laura,

    It was a pleasure meeting and talking with you and what will make it so much more memorable is that it was such a beautiful evening. Initially, I was concerned about the cold, but it was really very nice.

    Until, Ivan

  • The following state groups are the most visited for 2012 year to date (pageviews):

    1. Iowa (1,331)
    2. Vermont (891)
    3. North Carolina (470)
    4. Georgia (382)
    5. Colorado (363)
  • Hi Laura,

    FYI, here is the rss feed of the Iowa Grove which you can put in emails or on your website but using this link.

  • Awesome!!!!!  Since the other application only has 3 of the 16 questions answered (2 of them were yes/no questions), it would make sense to me to start a new application.  If you would want me at the meeting, just let me know.  I am glad this is starting to come together.  THANK YOU for your help!!!!

  • I think a site visit would be an excellent idea!!  I just called the Superintendent of the schools and he also thinks it would be a great idea.  His name is Alan Marshall and can be reached at 319-849-1102 x6010.

  • Thank you for helping out today on the phone conference.  That was the first time I have lead one of those and needed to hear another voice!  Neil

  • I'll look for the Iowa grove org....didn't see it last night! 


    Thanks again for the tree info!

  • Hi Laura,

    You get a gold star for your great work as a state coordinator. It will show up on your profile.  Great work welcoming members and providing great info!

    American Grove Administrator

  • Yes, that's from last spring when I was escorted in the chariot around the 40 acre school property!  Great improvement over walking that day!  Thanks so much for inviting me - I'm looking forward to seeing other projects and activities.

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Baxter, IA

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