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Pune, Maharastra

Favorite tree species

Tecoma stans, plumera and Ashoka trees

Place of Work



Hi, I am Lakshmi Nilakantan a tree lover/planter and an environmentalist. BTW a Ph.D holder in Chemistry from University of Missouri,Columbia . I look for many ways to help nature. First and foremost stop one-time plastici bags,wherever I go if I see people using one-time plastic bags I try to talk to them and request to carry reusable bags.I also love to "DEPAVE" and prefer less impervious surfaces to help save rain water which would in turn stop urban flooding and recharge ground water . Planting trees on the highways/interstates will help by reducing pollution and urban heat island. I planted 10 trees in my community in the past one and half years and happy to see them grow good !