Forks, WA

Favorite tree species

Western red alder

Place of Work

Olympic Coast, Washington State


Ecologist and director of 10,000 Years Institute, a non-profit organization based on the Olympic Peninsula. B.A.S. Environmental Studies/Sciences - The Evergreen State College Professional focus: Develop applied science and education programs addressing sustainable natural resource management while protecting native ecosystems and biodiversity. Current projects include developing innovative prescriptions for thinning dense young stands on the Olympic National Forest to restore older complex forest habitat, and developing mapping programs for off-channel fish habitat. To protect native biodiversity, develop and implement watershed scale invasive plant prevention programs, applying Early Detection/Rapid Response protocols that incorporate the movement of water, wind, soil, people, and animals with the life-histories of invasive species to form an effective strategies for prevention and control. Volunteer with organizations including the Olympic Forest Coalition, the Forest Practices Wetland Scientific Advisory Group, the North Pacific Coast Marine Resource Committee, the Olympic Invasive Working Group, and Washington Scotch Broom Working Group. Member of the Society of Wetland Scientists.


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